Saturday, October 7, 2017

Dear friends, I’m unable to post right now!

Dear friends,
Just letting you know that I’m having to practice a lot of patience re. the blog right now!!

I’m trying to leave Norway on the blog but because I’m in a very remote third world country right now, I can’t upload a blog! In the country after Norway I had to walk 45 minutes along a precarious goat path to get to the tiny cafe with wifi. it worked there but only if the ipad was put next to the router at the bar!

Now it will only upload this but no pictures. There is no cafe to walk to, just two shops with potato chips and toilet paper. Besides walking there would be a kamikaze expedition with honking buses, motorcycles and cars passing on blind curves...and no sidewalk.

So my friends, please know if and when I am anywhere near a better wifi connection, the blog will continue.

In the meantime, please send me patience! Just one more expectation to release— Hugs Kathy

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