Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Bucketload of Blogs

Another apology my friends!

The owner of a farm where I have been “working” just explained why I have been so frustrated for many weeks. (And why I’ve been getting concerned queries — Where in the heck are you?)

“The only thing worse than no wifi is some wifi!” And boy is he right! 

I’ve been having so many adventures, writing and taking pictures but have been unable to post the blogs! 

In one retreat center in Portugal I had to walk a goat path next to a cliff for 45 minutes each way to a tiny cafe for wifi. 

Even there I had to put the ipad next to the router at the bar and buy some home-made pastry for the favor.

And in Nepal (that’s right— I have moved on) you don’t even want to know about living in an almost barn-yard and maybe getting some wifi if you stand outside the farm’s office window, in the dark. But never enough wifi to post a blog!

And after 5 days, again without wifi, at a blessedly peaceful retreat at a Buddhist Monastery, I’m in a hotel with— wifi! So before I head off to another remote farm I’m sending you a bucketload of blogs. Sorry! 

Please dole them out over several weeks, please? That’s how I experienced these amazing places.

Enjoy! And especially enjoy the privilege of the internet that we usually take for granted. 

And I’ll do a little meditation on patience...

... Kathy who is trying her best

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