Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Why Prague?

Indeed, with the choice of any European city to start this year’s journey, why did I pick the capital of the Czech Republic?   

Might you be persuaded?

Well, my son recommended it as the most beautiful city he’d seen during his teenage backpack ramblings. A friend spent a whirlwind two days here and said he would recommend more. It was an enticing new country and I needed a place to settle for awhile. To explore. To get to know my way around town. And to taste the food, history and stories of the people.

And …. After almost two weeks I still didn’t see it all. Of course I got lost a lot in the medieval rambling design of the streets and discovered surprises I’d never counted on. But there is more to be discovered and I heartily recommend you do it!

What specifically you might ask?

The Old Town Square where you can be entertained by the fast-talking juggler Sven the Swede. 


The Town Hall Astronomical Clock where on the hour the apostles whizz by. 


A Don Giovanni Marionette show. 

Concerts, concerts and more concerts! I do believe music is a Czech passion! Here in the Spanish Synagogue:

The Prague Castle in its imposing enormity defies description. (And indeed in finding the toilet.) Apparently Chinese brides are making it a destination wedding.


And then just around the corner is the John Lennon wall, which people still embellish with grafitti-inspirations.



Views from Charles Bridge of the amazingly preserved architecture. “The most beautiful city.” 


World War ll tours of underground espionage. 


The Alphonse Mucha Museum and the origins of Art Nouveau. (When I tried to characterize the style – “oriental?” – a Japanese youth said it looked 2.5D to him.) See his original poster of Sarah Bernhardt .


And the dancing house (dubbed Fred and Ginger.)


Where to stay, you might ask? My choice is always a hostel. Affordable. (More money to spend on concerts.) Helpful and full of savvy young travelers. Here are my French Canadian room-mates – quiet, respectful and modestly dressed for bed.


Friendly  people, culture galore, good prices …. A place to settle for awhile. Come join me for a Pilsner!



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